consider, the way you would consider
which of the four hefeweizen
                        on the lowest shelf of the fridge

might go with the meal
                        you might be having, which is to say
something so wholly of the here & now

                        it's almost impossible to ponder
with anything like seriousness
                        (& so you ponder) — consider, the way

you might succumb to contemplation
                        of whatever you absolutely cannot
live without (which means

                        you almost certainly will) —
consider that you will never truly grasp
                        how much you've been spared —

disenfranchisement, deprivation,
                        the dynasties of affliction — consider, too,
the woman in the café decrying

                        all those smart self-satisfied people
who think they know everything
                        when there's only the word of God

& he moved almost to tears of rage
                        because the recoil from denomination
he's endured all these years,

                        from the dense cocoon of the communal,
is nothing if not the embrace
                        of unknowing, of a god by definition

beyond definition —
                        consider the astringency,
the radiant molecular ache

                        of isolation, which makes
his every waking moment an act of faith —
                        & so he sheds

the vast apparatus of his life,
                        day by day he is less & less
until he sits upon little more

                        than the memory of substance,
& knows at last that solidity
                        is just a trick of the light —

like autumnal ice
                        beckoning the child
who hears only the pre-emptive

                        summons of velocity, the freedom
of the almost-frozen, frail matrix
                        between the self

& transcendence — & poised
                        in that glorious untenable real,
the glimmer of radical possibility:

                        to live in the certainty
that life is wholly safe
                        & never safe at all —

consider —