Welcome to Tea Garden

It is said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

In recent years, people have come to a new awareness of health: one defined not by an endless cycle of sickness and quick-fix remedies, but by a profound desire for wellness and holistic vitality.

At Tea Garden, we have long immersed ourselves in the ancient wisdom of Chinese herbs. Proven safe and effective over five millennia, Superior Herbalism is one of the most enduring of the world’s natural health-care systems. Our mission is nothing less than to share the fruits of our knowledge, experience, and successes, in the hope that this will help you attain a new level of body-mind-spirit integration. This concept of wholeness, known throughout Asia as Radiant Health, serves as both the underpinning and the goal of everything we do.

We invite you to use Tea Garden as a bridge between your health goals and the vast world of Chinese Herbalism. We hope that this catalog, and our professional staff of herbalists, may serve to guide you in discovering the wealth of possibilities which lie along the path of Superior Herbalism.

It is our privilege to share in this journey with you.

The Herbalists at Tea Garden