The New Standard in Herbal Cholesterol Maintenance

Red Yeast Rice, renowned in China since the 9th century, drew the attention of western scientists in the 1970’s. One of its principal biochemicals, lovastatin, was isolated and patented to produce one of the most popular cholesterol-reducing drugs in the world. As a complete herbal extract, however, Tea Garden’s Red Yeast Rice Complex can be used without significant side-effects. By combining Red Yeast Rice with Gynostemma, our new formula pairs two of nature’s greatest cholesterol-reducing agents in one convenient product. This blend is supported by Crataegus to aid assimilation and circulation.
The scientific research on the natural form of Red Yeast Rice has been truly impressive. The landmark Wang Study tracked 502 patients over 8 weeks, and found the following:

•Total Cholesterol: reduced 22.7%
•LDL (“bad”) Cholesterol: reduced 30.9%
•HDL (“good”) Cholesterol: increased 13%
•Triglycerides: reduced 34.1%

A recent study at UCLA confirmed these stunning results, showing an average reduction in overall serum cholesterol levels of 40 points. Give your heart a fresh start!

Concentrated Herbal Extracts: Red Yeast Rice, Gynostemma, Crataegus.

East Meets West
Ancient Chinese Formulas with a Modern Twist

Avoid the frustration of sleepless nights. We started with the Tea Garden classic formula Zizyphus Dreams, which is used for mental restlessness and frequent waking due to frayed nerves. To that we’ve added a full 150 mg. of Valerian, for more serious cases of insomnia. By nourishing the heart and calming the spirit, this safe, non- addictive, hangover-free support will relieve stress, reduce nervous tension, and dramatically improve the quality of sleep. Sweet dreams!
Concentrated Herbal Extracts: Valerian, Zizyphus, Polygala, Spirit Poria, Biota, Ho Shou Wu Stem, Salvia, Anemarrhena, Coptis, Licorice.

Kava Spirit is perfect for those moments in life when stress, anxiety, and nervousness become too overwhelming. This formula adds the famous Polynesian herb Kava Kava — proven safe and effective in reducing anxiety — to Tea Garden’s classic stress formula Bupleurum and Dragon Bone. The result is a state of calm, grounded well-being in which stressful circumstances can be dealt with more easily. Take a deep breath and get on with your life.
Concentrated Herbal Extracts: Kava Kava (minimum 30% Kavalactones), Bupleurum, Dragon Bone, Pinellia, Cinnamon Twig, Poria, Scute, Codonopsis, Ginger, Red Jujube Date, Rhubarb.

Connoisseur Extracts
8:1 Liquid Formulas

Cordyceps and Astragalus
A wonderful illustration of the multi-dimensional nature of Chinese Herbalism. This powerful liquid extract is both a superb immune tonic and an intense long-distance energizer. Cordyceps, Astragalus, and Schizandra have long been prized by athletes for opening up the lungs to enhance oxygen utilization, and thereby boosting stamina (give them a shot before your next run, spin, or yoga class). At the same time, they are three of the most prized herbs for priming the body’s resistance to disease. Get the best of both worlds!
Concentrated Herbal Extracts: Cordyceps, Astragalus, Schizandra.

Mind Tonic
A potent, fast-acting liquid concentrate to enhance alertness, sharpen the mind, and increase mental stamina. Based on the Ginkgo Biloba foundation of Mind Essence, this formula adds a cluster of special herbs (including rare Deer Antler Tips) for a more intense effect. Try a few droppers in tea to jump-start your day, or as a great mid-afternoon pick- me-up!
Concentrated Herbal Extracts: Polygonatum Sibericum, Siberian Ginseng, Ginkgo, Schizandra, Deer Antler Tips, Dendrobium, Astragalus, Tang Kuei, Pueraria, Ephedra, Red Jujube Dates.

Buddha Tea
The ultimate Three Treasure elixir, Buddha Tea is nothing less than the finest herbal substances Asia has to offer, assembled to empower you body, mind, and spirit. Transformational in the truest sense of the word, Buddha Tea will boost your energy, heighten your clarity, stoke your creativity, and awaken your heart. In ancient times, “buddha” simply meant “enlightened one.” Dare to evolve.
Concentrated Herbal Extracts: Duanwood Reishi, Schizandra, Deer Antler Tips, Longan, Korean White Curl Ginseng, Spirit Ginseng, Woodsgrown American Ginseng, Korean Heaven Grade Red Ginseng, Asparagus Root, Albizzia, Spirit Poria, Shiu Chu Ginseng, Siberian Ginseng, Wild Siberian Ginseng, Waterfall Acorus, Zizyphus (raw), White Peony, Polygala, Bupleurum, Uncaria, Poria, Lily Flower, Triticum, Licorice, Salvia, Eclipta, Wild Chung Bai Mountain Ginseng.